Wendell Anderson & Friends

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Wendell E. Anderson, Sr. – At the age of five, Wendell and his family sat around a small black and white TV. The family would watch Uncle Melvin, the first African American to perform on ‘The Ted Mack Amateur Hour.’ After watching Uncle Melvin, Wendell said, “I don’t know how he got in that box but that’s what I want to do-sing.” Wendell’s early years were spent singing in his church choir and neighborhood singing groups. He became a pro at starting singing groups. Wendell experienced his first recording opportunity singing with The Bells of Liberty, his church choir as they recorded an album. Wendell, his brother, Sonny, friends, Kevin McDowell, and Kenny Goodgames regularly sang at Hughes High School’s talent show, The Merry Go Round. At the age of 16, the singing group would soon have a life-altering experience. The singing group along with their parents would await a meeting with their agent, to sign a recording contract with RCA. The agent, who had received advancement for the deal never showed up. Devastated but not deterred, Wendell continued to pursue his dream of performing.

Wendell served in the U.S. Air Force, from 1977 – 1985. In 1979 he competed at the Base level competition for Tops In Blue. He would compete at three more levels winning the Male Solo Vocal category for the 1979 tour. Wendell toured with and worked for Air Force Entertainment Tops In Blue (TIB) worldwide from 1979 - 1983. After leaving the Air Force, he would go on to perform in the Catskills as the opening act for Jackie Mason and other national acts. Wendell reprised the role of “Daddy Brubaker” Leader of the “Rhythm of Life Church” in an Off-Broadway adaptation of “Sweet Charity”, Kingston NY. He worked on the stage crew and continued to act with small parts in several sitcoms, ‘A Different World’, “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and ‘Martin.’ Wendell received his first television song writing credits for performing live on camera with Robert Guillaume on “Pacific Station.”

In 1989, Wendell became and remains the lead singer with The Hues Corporation. Their biggest hit single, “Rock the Boat” is the most played single from the 70’s. A singer/songwriter, Wendell has three incredible songs available online; “America, There’s Only 1”, “Without You”, and “This Christmas Song’s For You”. All produced with a superb team of musicians based in the Kingston, NY area. In 2010 Wendell began building Natty Records Entertainment and Media LLC signing to the Natty Records label iconic artists, The Hues Corporation. In late 2018 he started his new band, TAPPESTRY. Wendell is proving that your musical journey continues as long as you do. Bon Appetite Everyone. Wendell looks forward to entertaining you. Visit to learn more.